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Design Elements:

  • Handmade in Lubbock, Texas USA
  • All Steel
  • This mount will replace the strap tie down previously shipped with your camera
  • Dimensions: 1in x 1/8in
  • Maximum width on camera strap loops, 5.25in
  • Adaptable for threaded mount, see Picture Above
  • Optional bottom threaded mount available (please specify in comments section while ordering)

Whats in the box:

  • One TEEclamp
  • One Bolt for tightening
  • Allen Wrench

Whats not in the box:

  • Screw for back mounting your camera instead of using strap holes, due to the fact most cameras use a different thread we cannot include all sizes
  • Game camera and T-post not included

Using the TEEclamp system with a T-post you can get your camera in the ideal position at any feeder or hunting location.

The TEEclamp system allows you to place your camera so that the rising and setting sun does not affect the quality of your pictures during peak feeding or hunting locations.


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